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Attendants and theatre assistants get hands-on at study day

Waikato DHB attendants and theatre assistants during hoist training.

Photo: Attendants (orderlies) and theatre healthcare assistants (HCAs) practising their skills using the hoist as a component their New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3).

By putting themselves in the patient’s slippers our healthcare support staff learn how to do their job in a caring and considerate way.

At a recent Waikato DHB study day, six attendants and three theatre health care assistants got to grips with manual handling techniques, the use and storage of equipment, the Code of Health and Disability, and service consumers’ rights. Participants also got to feel what it was like to be a patient first hand as they were lifted in the hoist; some described a feeling of vulnerability and the importance of good communication.

There are four study days in total, with assessments attached to each module. The days are part of Waikato DHB’s commitment to professional development for its healthcare support workforce, and are organised through the DHB’s Professional Development Unit.

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