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Art gifted to bring remembrance, love and support to families at Waikato Hospital

A celebration was held at Waikato Hospital Women’s Health to bless a special piece of artwork for the Manaia room at Waikato Hospital.

The amazing original piece of artwork, Brief but Everlasting, was donated by Darjee Sahala. The Manaia room is where some families that are suffering the loss of a baby go to deliver their precious children.

Darjee is a bereaved mother herself, an author, a Certified Bereavement Care Provider (U.S.), and a midwife.

Since the death of her son Brona in 2008, she has worked with bereaved families in grief and remembrance.

Kaitiaki team blessed artwork with Waikato Hospital staff

Her book, Brona: a memoir (2013), and her column Loving out Loud (2014), received rave reviews from leaders in the bereavement community including grieving families, midwives and educators.

She has just returned to midwifery and moved here from the U.S. to be part of the midwifery team at Waikato DHB.

She donated the painting on what would have been Brona’s 10th birthday (18 May 2018) in the hope of remembrance, love, and support for other families who may find solace in the painting.

The artist, Amy Haderer, is a world renowned birth artist who reached out to Darjee because of her writings and stillbirth video about Brona.

We welcome this depiction of love upon our walls with gratitude and blessings by our Kaitiaki team.

Please feel free to stop by and see it up close some time!

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