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Advanced training in Community Child Health at Waikato DHB gets the tick for the next four years

L-R:Clinical unit leader for Child Health – Dr Dave Graham, Dr Te Aro Moxon (Fellow), child and youth project manager Katherine Yuill Proctor, Dr Polly Atatoa-Carr and Dr Sneha Sadani

Waikato District Health Board (DHB) has been reaccredited for advanced training in Community Child Health for a further four years. The DHB has had the programme in place for a decade and is one of eight in New Zealand.

The specialty of Community Child Health includes child protection, child development and behaviour, and population child health.  The DHB is able to employ both a Fellow for the comprehensive training post for a year, and two additional six month attachments in the Child Development Centre.

Waikato Hospital’s clinical unit leader for child health, Dr Dave Graham is proud of what they achieve here at Waikato Hospital and said:

“Our Community Child Health trainees make an invaluable contribution to Waikato DHB, and have gone on to add value to DHBs around New Zealand.”

The re-accreditation process includes approval of the physical site for training, demonstrating the adequacy of the programme through log-books and schedules, access to the Programme of Excellence teaching programme, and interviews with trainees.

Advanced Training in C​ommunity Child Health explores in-depth specialty training in the understanding of the complex interplay between physical, social and environmental factors, and human biology affecting the growth and development of all young people.  Subspecialty areas include child development and behaviour, child protection and population child health.

Advanced Trainees in Community Child Health usually complete a double fellowship as specialists in the Royal Australian College of Physicians, training also as a general paediatrician.  Some instead specialise in one or two aspects of Community Child Health as their long-term specialist role.  Child Health in Waikato DHB is also accredited for Basic and Advanced Training in General Paediatric Medicine, and Paediatric Surgery.

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