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Lead Maternity Carers over the summer months

Lead Maternity Carers (LMCs) are independently contracted by the Ministry of Health to provide primary maternity services.

As with all health care services, LMCs coverage traditionally becomes reduced over the Christmas/Summer period as staff take leave. Along with a reduction of LMCs practicing in Waikato this may leave some women finding it very difficult to register with an LMC. Because of this Waikato DHB has increased the community midwifery capacity at Waikato Hospital (this team usually provides postnatal care for out of area women who have an infant in NICU).

If  a woman is earlier on in her pregnancy and has tried her previous LMC/followed up with the list of LMCs on Find your Midwife and has been unable to register with an LMC please contact community midwives on 0800 476867.

The community midwifery team provide antenatal and postnatal care. Another midwife will provide birth care at River Ridge birth centre if the woman is a low risk normal birth, or birth care will be provided by a hospital midwife at Waikato Hospital if the woman requires secondary care services.


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