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Waikato DHB releases Audit NZ review of HealthTap procurement process

Waikato DHB has released the part of Audit New Zealand’s management report on its 2016/17 annual report that relates to a review of the procurement process for its virtual health service.

Acting Board chair Sally Webb said that while normally a report of this nature would be confidential, she had agreed to release this section of the management report publicly as it was in the public interest. She said it was a separate issue to Audit NZ’s review of the former CE’s expenses that was released yesterday and needs to be considered separately.

“The Audit identified that there were some issues with the procurement process that was undertaken. It’s the Board’s desire to ensure that there is correct scrutiny of that. We are conscious that this is public money and therefore we want to have a transparent process and be able to rectify any issues that are raised.”

Interim chief executive Derek Wright said: “It’s important for me that this DHB learns lessons from how we did things in the past. We are already undertaking a review of the HealthTap product to see if it is the right service for our virtual health strategy. We need to have the Audit NZ information relating to HealthTap in the public domain so we can as open and transparent in this process as possible.”

Mr Wright added: “We are aware that Auditor General has been asked to investigate the HealthTap procurement process and we welcome that and will co-operate with any review they undertake.”

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