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Chair of Waikato DHB Announces Resignation

The Chairman of the Board of Waikato DHB Bob Simcock today announced that he has resigned, effective immediately, so that the organisation can finally move on from the unfortunate saga surrounding the unauthorised actions of former Chief Executive Dr Nigel Murray.

Bob Simcock says it was a very hard decision that he made after considerable thought and reflection on what would be best for Waikato DHB.

“I am very proud and honoured to have been the Chair of Waikato DHB, to have done and been part of many successful health initiatives for the community, and to have worked alongside such a wonderful group of people who are all dedicated professionals.

However it has also has become clear to me that I needed to do whatever I could to get support and focus back behind Waikato DHB so that the organisation could start doing what it does best – delivering great health outcomes for the people of the Waikato district.”

“I am satisfied that at all times the Board and I acted responsibly and without reproach at every stage. We followed agreed DHB guidelines and processes throughout to ensure good governance and that the best interests of Waikato DHB were upheld without question.

“Nonetheless, despite our best intentions and actions, a lot of the hard work and goodwill achieved by the team at Waikato DHB was undone by the unfortunate and unauthorised actions of the former Chief Executive. The priority now is to get back to business as usual and for the Board to support our interim Chief Executive and his wonderful team without any further distractions being played out publicly.”

I will miss everyone at Waikato DHB and thank them for their love and support. I extend my full support to the Board and a new Chair to achieve and unlock all of the potential for great health outcomes going into the New Year.”

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