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Supporting breastfeeding mums with new pod at Waikato Hospital

Breastfeeding facility at Waikato Hospital

Photo: Lactation consultant Margaret Fletcher checks out the pod with Katie Hansen and her baby Tom.

Waikato Hospital opened its first breastfeeding “pod” today in its Meade Clinical Centre.
Waikato Hospital breastfeeding poster

Breastfeeding Week 2017 – Waikato poster

The breastfeeding pod provides a private, secure breastfeeding space for women who are visiting the hospital or coming to an appointment.

Waikato DHB is breastfeeding-friendly in all its facilities and spaces, but it recognises that some mums feel more comfortable breastfeeding in private.

Lactation consultant Margaret Fletcher says: “Women may breastfeed anywhere in our facilities. The pod is available to those women who wish to breastfeed in private, for personal or cultural reasons, or because they have a baby who is distracted by its surroundings, or a toddler with them who needs a safe space to  play in while its mother feeds the baby.”

The small but comfortable breastfeeding pod is opposite Reception C on Level 1 of the Meade Clinical Centre. It contains two comfortable chairs and a small coffee table, and hand gel dispenser. There is also a double power point available for mothers who wish to use their breast pump.

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