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Healthcare in 15 minutes at home

Sitting on her deck with a cup of tea may seem an unlikely place for Pamela Sharp to have an appointment with her renal specialist, Dr Kannaiyan Rabindranath, but that’s exactly where she was for one of her most recent consults.

Pamela received a kidney transplant in 2016 and needs ongoing follow up appointments as she recovers. That used to mean a regular three-hour return trip between Rotorua and Hamilton, as well as waiting time in the renal clinic at Waikato Hospital.

That was until Pamela signed up to SmartHealth, powered by HealthTap, and started having online appointments with Dr Rabindranath from home. Now she can easily fit her appointments into her day. Her travel time has reduced, but her care has stayed the same.

“It’s a brilliant service,” says Pamela. “Instead of having to travel in to the hospital I can have an appointment from home in 10-15 minutes. I’m still talking one-to-one with Dr Rabindranath, I can ask questions, get answers and we can make a plan for my care.”

Using HealthTap has also cut down on time spent monitoring Pamela’s condition. Her blood pressure monitor is connected to her iPhone, which sends readings through to Dr Rabindranath via HealthTap, so he has all the information he needs before each appointment.

“It’s all very straightforward, very simple,” says Pamela. “My partner thinks it’s great too, because he doesn’t have to drive me to Hamilton every time. One appointment used to take two of us out for the day.”

“I can see it being especially useful in winter, when it’s cold and raining. Not having to come out in bad weather, especially if I’m not very well, will be brilliant.”

But while the weather is good, Pamela can continue meeting with Dr Rabindranath from her deck, in a fraction of the time she used to spend in the car.

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