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Dry July brings support to Waikato cancer patients

Waikato DHB linac 2016 sky ceiling

Photo: The sky ceiling in the “Green” treatment room at Waikato Hospital, thanks to funding from Dry July NZ Trust.

The Oncology team at Waikato Hospital are thankful for Dry July – not because they are heavy drinkers who need a break, but because they are recipients of funding from the Dry NZ Trust that goes towards some heart-warming items for their patients.

Dry July encourages people to give up alcohol for the month of July and raise funds for cancer patients and their families and carers to make their experience more bearable and comfortable. The money gathered by the Dry July NZ Trust, a registered charity, is then allocated to projects that have applied for funding.

Twice now, Waikato Hospital’s Oncology team have successfully applied for funding.

Thanks to $30,000 from Dry July NZ Trust in 2015 the team installed new waiting room furniture and bought a Playstation for the children’s oncology ward and an incredible sky ceiling for the “Green” radiation therapy treatment room (see previous story).

Late last year they received almost $43,000 from the trust which is earmarked for a number projects through 2017 including a sky ceiling for the “Yellow” treatment room which is scheduled for refurbishment in 2018, a fish tank, magazine subscriptions, a coffee machine, fridge and furniture for the chemotherapy waiting area, and some humidifiers.

These things make a real difference to the experience of the many patients coming into the Waikato Hospital oncology services for consultation and treatment, and the team gives a huge vote of thanks to Dry July for making a difficult time a little easier for those in the Waikato affected by cancer.

Shout out for Dry July NZ

The Dry July Charity has supported Waikato Hospital, so we encourage people to support them. It is not just about the health benefits of giving up alcohol – the aim of Dry July is to raise funds for cancer patients and their carers, and donations are welcome whether you choose to “go dry” or not.

Visit the Dry July NZ website here

At least 80 cents of every dollar raised through campaign donations goes directly to beneficiaries. Dry July has a formal process ensuring that each of the bodies receiving donations from Dry July spend the monies appropriately on projects that benefit those in their cancer journey that are not otherwise funded.

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