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Kaitlyn Thompson had just moved away from home to take up a new job. Unfortunately, in her first week of work a sore throat struck – one that wouldn’t go away and only seemed to get worse.

By Thursday night she was in a lot of pain, in a new place far away from her hometown of Te Awamutu and h

Kaitlyn using SmartHealth on the deck with

er usual GP. Luckily, Kaitlyn’s Aunt Jo works for Waikato DHB and had encouraged Kaitlyn to sign up to SmartHealth a few weeks before. At a family dinner that night, Jo suggested Kaitlyn give the SmartHealth after hours doctor service a try, instead of waiting for the next day to get some help.

Sitting on the deck after dinner, Kaitlyn logged on to SmartHealth and connected with an after hours doctor. Describing her symptoms and answering questions via text message, Kaitlyn soon had a diagnosis of , followed by a prescription for antibiotics sent to her nearest pharmacy.

“It was a bit different at first, but the virtual consult was cool,” says Kaitlyn. “The doctor asked all the same questions they would in a normal appointment, it was free and really handy to do from home.”

By 8am the next morning, when Kaitlyn would have only just been trying to get a doctor appointment, she was picking up her medication and on her way to recovery.

While Kaitlyn got back to settling in to her new job, the rest of the family were also signing up to SmartHealth – just in case.

SmartHealth update.

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