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Nurses are our superheroes – International Nurses Day 2017

The important work that nurses do is celebrated today across the world on Friday 12 May – International Nurses Day, and Waikato DHB is no exception.

The day’s programme included recyclable art and care bed construction competitions, as well as the announcement of Waikato DHB’s Nurse of the Year Award to Maria Baxendine.

Nursing superheroes were also seen around the corridors of Waikato Hospital and the Older Persons and Rehabilitation Building, in full kit and capes, and often with a strange green “alien monster” alongside, dispensing goodies and goodwill.

Nurses are superheroes

Nurses are superheroes – especially at Waikato Hospital today!

The best decorated work area/reception area was won by the Community Mental Health team based in London Street for the work space they turned into a wellness/sensory room both for staff and service users, and it’s benefits will continue well beyond International Nurses Day.

Clinical nurse specialist Mandy Shanley says: “We decided to turn an old work space that was really only used for storage into a wellness and sensory room for both staff and service users to use. We have created a room that has resources for wellness such as health promotion articles, smoking cessation packs, healthy eating ideas, relaxation tips, mindfulness exercises and inspiration quotes. We hope to play relaxing music and have a diffuser which gives the room nice smells.

“It was a team effort from nurses with support from other colleagues based at our London Street location. We recognised that as nurses we have voices to lead and picked the theme of ‘balance of mind, body and spirit’.”

Nurse of the Year 2017

Maria Baxendine, registered nurse working in the Emergency Department (ED) at Waikato Hospital is the successful recipient of the Waikato DHB Nurse of the Year Award 2017.

Maria’s nominations described her ability to get involved in every level of the ED’s optional requirements whether it was sourcing new equipment, teaching about new equipment, designing new ways of working, mentoring staff, developing and renewing procedures – and all the time delivering quality care to patients and their families.

She was described as always being there to provide that leadership strength, and how she is considered an ED legend where she influences or improves someone’s practice every week.

Congratulations go to Maria and a thank you to her ED team who made the presentation so wonderful.

Below: The Community Mental Health sensory room at London Street

Wellness and sensory room

Wellness and sensory room at Community Mental Health, London Street, Hamilton


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