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Gill and Hannah

“I love my job, but I don’t love cancer – take my job away any day if it could cure cancer” says Waikato DHB’s ward M5 – haematology and oncology registered Nurse Hannah Shearman.

For over 10 years, Hannah and nurse educator colleague Gill Archer have used a combination of plats, ponytails and buns to tie their silky long locks out of their way to treat cancer patients on Ward M5.

To help continue the search for a cure, both nurses are going for a full head shave in the hope of raising $2000 on Friday 17 March at Waikato hospital for Shave for a cure.

“We’ve treated thousands of people who’ve lost their cancer battle. As a nurse, it is hard to witness because it touches so many peoples’ lives, not just the patients, financially and emotionally.

“Being able to donate the funds raised to Leukaemia & Blood Cancer (LBC) New Zealand is the least we could do for what they provide our hospital ward and the wider Waikato cancer community.

“Dealing with so many sick patients, LBC is always their organising care for them and their support networks as they are trying to get to grips adrift the craziness that comes with any cancer diagnoses.”

LBC’s mission is to improve the quality of life for patients and their families living with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and related blood conditions.

Warren and his 1966 Mustang

Patients like Warren Gill (64), a blood cancer survivor who has been in remission for a year since receiving treatment at Waikato Hospital along with the vital support of LBC.

“After seven rounds of chemotherapy at Waikato Hospital and the support provided from LBC I now share my story with other families going through the struggle of cancer. I particularly like to help children and their families from a wide variety of places through talking to them at LBC groups through to bringing a smile on their face with a ride in my 1966 Mustang.

“And I still need LBC for another reason, for which I am now a carer for my wife who is having a tumour removed. Being a survivor, and now being in my wife’s shoes I need to be strong.

“And it’s with the support from the LBC community as well as our faith that helps us get through.”

To show your support for LBC and Waikato Hospital staff Hannah and Gill please go to The M5 Team Shave for a cure page to give a donation.

Gill’s children Megan and Dani Archer and Hannah’s mum Carolyn Dawson will be shaving their hair off in support also.

More about Shave for a cure

Shave for a cure is Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand’s signature fundraising event. Every year thousands of individuals, schools and businesses across the country whip out the clippers and shave their locks in a bid to help the 6 Kiwis a day diagnosed with a blood cancer or related condition.

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