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Waikato DHB Annual Report now available

Waikato DHB Annual Report 2016

Development of a refreshed strategy, a new vision statement and a new set of values, virtual health initiatives, GP and practice nurse access to a patient’s hospital records, identifying the need for a new acute mental health inpatient facility, the start of a transformation of women’s health services, successes in preventing rheumatic fever, and a fresh approach to rural health are some of the highlights identified in the 2015/16 Waikato DHB Annual Report.

The report is now published on the DHB’s website and outlines its financial and non-financial performance for the year ended 30 June 2016.

The Statement of Performance (Part 2 of the report) presents actual performance results against the non-financial measures and targets contained in Waikato DHB’s Statement of Intent 2015/16, while Part 3 covers the financial statements which show a surplus of $3,989 million for the year.

Board chair Bob Simcock said “The completion of our refreshed strategy means we now have a road map which will guide our actions for the next five years. It will ensure we are heading in the right direction, focusing our resources so we make a difference and make the most of future opportunities.”

Access the report here

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