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First for catering certification at Waikato Hospital

“Our patients report that we serve the best hospital food in the country. We’ve got a great team and we’re investing in them to only get better” says Waikato DHB dietitian and manager of Nutrition and Food services Wendy Dodunski.

E Tū Union and District Health Boards agreed to upskill catering staff with a NZQA certified qualification through Service IQ Industry Training Organisation as part of their collective agreement.

Waikato Hospital recently awarded its first seven intakes: Denise Cunliffe, Elaine Gibbons, Andrew Dockerty, Kirithi Mala, Jovelyn Roque, Shan Maas, and Julie Burling, with their Service IQ certificates, Level 3 in catering services.

It took the staff six months to achieve the accreditation and Waikato DHB operations manager of Nutrition and Food Murray Deed says “It’s a pretty exciting time for the staff and we’re really proud of their achievements.

“They’ve worked hard with the theory and practical modules both in and out of the job.

“Food preparation, meal planning, nutritional value and taste are so important for us to ensure patients always enjoy their meals, and that we help make their stay in  hospital as comfortable as possible.

“The training helps our team to keep striving for the best and to keep our excellent food record consistent in the regular patient survey.”

The certificates are split into three pathways: café, trayline, and food preparation. There are 8 modules to complete in total for each pathway and the requirements includes both in-house verification of learning and understanding, and external assessment by a Service IQ assessor.

Numbers are limited on each course and a staff run voting system to set the order for each intake, has been agreed.

Visit the Service IQ for more information about the catering qualification.

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