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‘Kudos molecular biology and evolution’ from Waikato DHB

Professor Vic Arcus from the University of Waikato was Waikato DHB’s Medical Science Award winner at the 10th annual KuDos awards.

The contribution to science and research Prof. Vic Arcus has made is truly significant says DHB board chair Bob Simcock.

“It was my privilege to present this talented individual with an honour held in the highest regard by all staff across the DHB.

“His dedication to research that affects one-third of the world’s population is really what puts the ‘science excellence’ into the awards and places Waikato on the medical world map for innovation.

“All three contenders from the University of Waikato have made us proud and it is important we continue to foster and celebrate their achievements.”

The three finalists were: Associate Professor Nicola Starkey, Dr Charis Brown, and winner Professor Vic Arcus.

The Black Tie Dinner was on Wednesday 19 October at the Claudelands Event Centre and hosted by television host and comedian Jeremy Corbett.

More about Professor Vic Arcus

Vic specialises in Molecular Biology and Evolution. This nomination focuses on research into Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, a disease that asymptomatically affects one-third of the world’s population and is one of the three deadly diseases, including Malaria and HIV. The disease can persist in a latent state for the life of it’s human host, or may reactivate after months to years, causing symptomatic tuberculosis disease. Currently this is treated with antibiotics, or the choice to vaccinate. Gaining a better understanding of the bacterial replication rates occurring during latency would help in the design of drugs to treat the disease.

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