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The countdown to Election Day is on and one of the most important ways you can take part in the decisions that shape your community and your district health board is by voting and voting early.
Voting packs have been sent to enrolled voters.
To be counted, all completed voting documents must be in the hands of the electoral officer or an electoral official by noon Saturday 8 October 2016, but there is no harm in doing it sooner.

Post your completed voting document in the orange freepost envelope no later than Wednesday 5 October 2016.
Or take your orange voting envelope to your nearest council office or library before 12 noon Saturday 8 October.

If you need help to read or mark your voting document, a friend, family member or electoral official can help you, but they can’t tell you who to vote for.

The full list of candidates and their profiles plus voting instructions are all in the pack that was mailed to enrolled voters.

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