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Sign up to Stoptober and kick butt together

Stoptober 2016 national campaign

Stoptober is a 31 day pledge to be smokefree for the full month of October, and there’s no better time to go online and kick smoking in the butt.

The challenge to give up smoking  comes with tools and a support network in place to assist people who smoke to commit to stop smoking for at least the month of October. Those interested in taking part, sign up to the campaign on www.stoptober.nz   and will be supported throughout the month with emails and social media, and some prizes are on offer too.

For people who smoke, there’s no denying that pledging to stop is the first step to giving up.

Most people who smoke do want to stop, but really need the support of people close to them in order to make that happen.

Stoptober 2016 has the theme of ‘Let’s kick butt together,’ which encourages people who smoke to engage a support network of friends and whānau to help them quit.

Research shows that someone who smokes is four times more likely to stop smoking if they have the right support in place so friends and families are asked to support their loved ones and to join them in their challenge to stop smoking for at least 31 days.

Kate Dallas, smokefree coordinator Waikato DHB says: “We are particularly keen to inspire Māori and Pacific people and pregnant women. Feedback from young Māori and Pacific people who smoke say it is a lot harder to stop smoking when people around them smoke. With this in mind, those who want to stop smoking this Stoptober are being encouraged to get those who smoke around them to also sign up so they can kick butt together.”

Those who sign up to Stoptober can also access Quitline and their local pharmacy or doctor to assist them in to stop smoking. The campaign is timely with the current focus on plain packaging to assist people to stop smoking.

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