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Kiwi Property volunteers for Waikato kid’s dental care

Kiwi property celebrating craftwork

One of New Zealand’s largest property investment companies, Kiwi Property Group Limited, lent their staff to the Waikato DHB dental health team to create hand-crafted gifts that encourage children to turn up to their dentist appointments.

The volunteers and some of the DHB dental health care team gathered at the Waikato Hospital Library on 12 August 2016 to create the iconic buzzy bees and other friendly critters out of dental equipment.

The day was organised by Volunteering Waikato, who match volunteers with organisations where they will have the greatest impact, enjoyment and sense of contribution.

Diane Pevreal, Manager of Community Oral Health, says “Waikato DHB’s dental health services reach about 68,000 children across the Waikato, of which about 27,000 are pre-schoolers.

“We have a very high number of children that do not attend their appointments and we found these hand-crafted gifts are always somewhat of an attraction. Whatever works to have children show up to their check-ups and inspire them to have healthy teeth is worthwhile.

“It’s great to see the nostalgia when parents bring their children in and they remember with fondness the little buzzy bees we give out at the end of their child’s appointment.

“We’d like to thank Kiwi Property so much for giving up their time to help us.

“We need about 27,000 little giveaways each year and this group went very well in making about 150.”

It wasn’t just buzzy bees that Kiwi Property volunteers made with some artistic talents creating turtles, birds, butterflies, snails and spiders using dental floss, mouth cotton and other sourced craft materials.

Shelley Jenkin, Kiwi Property Manager – Shopping Centres, said “Our team from across the country enjoyed helping out and using our creative talents to produce these dental creations for the children who visit the Waikato DHB dental services.  We had a lot of fun volunteering and the day has been a great success all round”.

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