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Celebrating International Nurses Day at Waikato DHB

International Nurses Day 2016 organising committee

Photo: The organising committee for International Nurses Day activities based at Waikato Hospital campus: Moira O’Shea, Michelle Evans, Karen Nixey, John Bell and Melody Mitchell.

A recycled items competition, decorated receptions and service areas, library displays, big banners and the announcement of Waikato DHB’s Nurse of the Year 2016 are all part of the celebrations happening today around Waikato DHB.

International Nurses Day is marked annually on 12 May and the theme this year, as chosen by the International  Council of Nurses is “Nurses – a force for change: Improving health systems’ resilience.”

In its paper on the theme, the council says:

“As a member of the single largest group of health professionals, with a presence in all settings, we can make an enormous impact on the resilience of health systems. Every decision that you make in your practice can make a significant difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire system.”

Nurses make up 46 percent of Waikato DHB’s workforce and cover a wide range of roles in settings as varied as visiting patients at home in rural areas to working as a specialist nurse in Waikato Hospital’s critical care. or a public health nurse working closely with schools and communities. Nurses are also a key part of mental health and addiction services, older persons services, maternity and children’s health services.

In reference to the day’s theme of resilience, Waikato DHB chief nursing and midwifery officer Sue Hayward says:

“The way we are as nurses and midwives and the way we care for ourselves, each other and those we consider our patients, clients and service users, is pivotal to our ability to continue to be effective in the delivery of health care in all contexts and settings.”

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