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The New Zealand Health Strategy was launched today by Minister of Health Jonathan Coleman at the Powering Up Our Future Health Symposium, in Wellington.


The New Zealand Health Strategy: Future direction outlines the high level direction for New Zealand’s health system over the 10 years from 2016 to 2026. It lays out some of the challenges and opportunities the system faces; describes the future we want, including the culture and values that will underpin this future; and identifies five strategic themes for the changes that will take us toward this future.
All the information and ways to view the strategic are here on the Ministry of Health website.
In his speech at the symposium the minister said:


“New Zealand’s last Health Strategy was published back in 2000. So it’s timely for a new Strategy, created in collaboration with people and organisations from across health and social services, which considers new and emerging opportunities and provides a clear direction.

“The Ministry of Health led the update of the Strategy and engaged extensively with the sector, social service providers and health users over the last year. A range of people and organisations have contributed to developing this Strategy. Their feedback added significant value and shows people want to play an active role in creating our future health system. It’s a Strategy designed to benefit everyone. The aim is wellness throughout life for all New Zealanders.

“Under the five strategic themes of people-powered, closer to home, value and high performance, one team and smart system, there is an emphasis on more services in the community and a stronger push on prevention, early intervention, and new, innovative ways of reaching our most vulnerable.

“This requires a collective change in mindset. To succeed we not only need to seek efficiencies in existing services, but we need to adapt to emerging technologies, innovations and opportunities, and work more effectively together.”

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