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Waikato DHB responds to mental health inspection report

Waikato DHB Chief Executive Dr Nigel Murray today welcomed the Ministry of Health’s Inspection report into the DHB’s Mental Health and Addiction Services, which described the services as ‘well managed and led.’

The majority of the recommendations in this report were already underway before this review began, and most are either complete or substantially complete.

“This report shows that there has clearly been a lot of work done since 2009 to improve our mental health and addiction services and the public can have confidence in our service,” said Dr Murray.

The report said that the service ‘provides a good standard of care’ and that ‘staff are dedicated to doing the best for people accessing the services.’ It said ‘People accessing the services and their whanau/families can be assured that they will receive good care.’

It also endorsed the DHB’s current plans for the service which it said were ‘appropriate and necessary’ and that the service’s contemporary models of practice showed ‘good strategic thought.’

Dr Murray said: “Like any other mental health and addiction service we have challenges and of course there are always things we could do better. The report showed that our in-patient facilities aren’t up to standard and this causes challenges, but we are developing a plan to build a new facility to replace the Henry Rongomau Bennett Centre and are working with the Ministry of Heath to expedite this.”

He added: “We recognise that this review was prompted by public concern following a series of incidents at our Mental Health and Addiction Services in 2015. One of these is the subject of an internal review which is currently on hold due to a police investigation but will be restarted following the outcome of that investigation. If there are any learnings for our service following that review and investigation, then of course we will take them on board.”

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