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Commission calls for surgical data to be publicly reported

The Health Quality & Safety Commission is recommending data on surgical performance and other health care outcomes are publicly reported at a provider, department or team level.

In the Position Paper on the transparency of information related to health care interventions released on Friday 11 March, the commission says data should be made public in order to improve accountability and public trust in our country’s clinical teams.

The commission and the Ministry of Health will now work with key stakeholders including DHBs to explore the development of appropriate models for data collection, analysis (including risk adjustment) and publication.

The commission recommends:

  • public reporting of data should be at the provider, department or team level rather than the individual clinician level
  • the creation of national standards of data collection and definition
  • risk adjustment models to account for different patient conditions and difficulties in treating them are created and agreed
  • the data is published in an easy-to-understand way, with commentary explaining its purpose, so all New Zealanders can read and use it
  • an assessment of currently available data collected through the health sector, and whether this could be used, rather than creating new data collection methods.


Read the full media release, the position paper and accompanying background document here.

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