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Today – Friday 11 March – is Orange Day NZ, a day to think about how we can personally make a stand against family violence. It’s the day that Shine, New Zealand’s largest domestic abuse charity, has their annual fundraiser, asking people to “go orange’ in support.

At Waikato DHB several areas did just that – including the Women’s Health Clinic at Waikato Hospital, the hospital Library, and Tokoroa Hospital’s Emergency Department.

ED Tokoroa Orange Day 2016

Tokoroa Hospital Emergency Department goes orange for Orange Day NZ

Waikato DHB also plays an ongoing role in preventing family violence, as part of nationwide programme. Research shows us that victims of family violence report to emergency departments three times as often as non-victims, to GP practices and clinics twice as often and that those affected by family violence also present more often to psychiatric services.

This means that health services are in an ideal position to make caring enquiries to support those affected by family violence and help them to access the support they need.

If you are a patient or client in our services, sometimes our staff might ask if you have experienced abuse or violence by a member of your family. We are not being nosey or just collecting statistics.

We ask because we care.

This is part of a Ministry of Health programme that covers women 16 years and over. Men and 12-15 year olds are also asked these questions when signs and symptoms of abuse are noticed. At Waikato DHB this programme is currently in the Emergency Department, Women’s and Children’s Health and Sexual Health Services.

Family Violence is a health issue. If you are being abused, it affects you deeply – physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s not your fault – and it’s not ok.

Waikato DHB staff members are trained to listen and to let you know that help is available.


It’s OK to ask for help.

If you want to ask for help, call one of these services:

In an emergency,ring the Police

Waikato Women’s Refuge (24 hour crisis number):
07 855 1569

Hamilton Abuse Intervention Project:
07 834 3148

Rape and Sexual Abuse Healing Centre:
0800 839 4433

07 839 4536

Family Works:
07 858 4413

07 847 1088

Shama Ethnic Women’s Centre:
07 843 3811

K’aute Pasifika Services:
07 834 1482

Thames Women’s Refuge:
07 868 3132 or 0800 8683132

Tokoroa Women’s Support Centre and
07 886 7671

Waitomo Waipa Women’s Refuge:
0800 155 799

Taumarunui Women’s Refuge and Support Centre:
07 895 7869

tewhakaruruhau.org.nz (local Waikato Women’s Refuge)

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