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Patient survey gives valuable feedback

Patient survey results Waikato DHB


Waikato DHB continues its run of good scores in the latest National Inpatient Experience Survey, with 93 percent of surveyed patients saying they always felt that staff treated them with dignity and respect while they were in hospital. They gave the DHB an 8.7 out of 10 rating for meeting physical and emotional needs.

All DHBs participate in the survey each quarter and local DHB results are compared with the national average.

For Waikato, 400 people who were inpatients at Waikato DHB’s facilities during November were invited to rate their experience. Forty percent of them took up the offer, one of the highest response rates in the country.

This is the sixth National Patient Experience survey and the Waikato DHB response rate has grown from 14 percent to 40 percent since they started in mid-2014.

Quality and Patient Safety director Mo Neville believes people are realising that the survey feeds directly into service improvement.

“The results are important to us. We are grateful to all those people who took the time to give us feedback. The results highlight where we are doing well, and areas where we need to improve,” she said.

Waikato DHB rates similar to or above the national average in every category of the survey.

“We are delighted that patients rated us particularly highly in terms of meeting their physical and emotional needs – 93 percent of people who completed the survey said that they always felt that staff treated them with dignity and respect while they were in hospital. This was higher than the national average.

Waikato DHB survey results National Patient Experience Survey

Some of Waikato DHB’s best results this time were for meeting physical and emotional needs of patients.

High levels of trust in doctors, nurses and other staff were also noted in the Waikato DHB results.

On the other hand, the results showed some patients felt they did not have enough information from the hospital to manage their condition after discharge, and that they had not been informed about possible medication side effects to watch out for on discharge.

“We need to keep working on some areas of communication, particularly providing good information at the time of discharge,” Neville said.

The full set of Waikato DHB results, and the national results for all DHBs are available on our website.

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