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Celebrating International Volunteers Day

The soul of health services would not thrive without the time of volunteers. Within Waikato District Health Board hundreds of volunteers have helped almost 100,000 people this year alone.

Director of business support Melinda Ch’ng said many services cannot function without volunteers.

“Just in Waikato hospital campus alone about 250 volunteers contributed more than 40,000 volunteer hours this year.”DHB Volunteers

For the organisation the real value of our volunteers is measured by the impact they have on patients and visitors.

“It is about adding that personal touch to a service, or a friendly face in the hallways to help people find their way, they are the moments people remember and this is what our volunteers do best,” said Ch’ng.

This year the Waikato Hospital Host service has provided directions and information to more than 44,000 people. More than 60,000 meals were delivered by volunteers to homes last year across Waikato.

These statistics show how valuable our volunteers are.

“Our Friends of Emergency Department (FEDs) have supported several thousand people through times of great stress and our volunteer chaplains have sat by people’s bed offering pastoral advice and conversations to more than 20,000 people.”

Volunteers each have their own story as to why they donate their time and selves to organisation but they share a belief that underlies the essence of Waikato DHB.

“They simply desire to make a positive difference and meaningful contribution to Waikato DHB’s patients, visitors and staff. The impact of volunteers’ contribution connects the DHB’s values and reflects a primary focus on making a positive difference to the Waikato District Health Board and its people.”

To all our volunteers, we thank you for your devotion and time to your community and our hospitals.

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