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Gesture reflects home births and delivery suite connection

Waikato Home Birth Assn brings afternoon tea to Waikato Hospital maternity staff

Photo: (Left) Bronwyn Frost and Michelle Howie with staff from Waikato Hospital maternity services.

Waikato Home Birth Association brought a very welcome afternoon tea to share with staff in Waikato Hospital’s maternity services last Friday.

Michelle Howie and Bronwyn Frost from the association wanted to say thank you to staff for caring for some of the women the association supports. These include women who had originally planned a home birth but had to change plans and birth their baby at Waikato Hospital because of complications in pregnancy, and others who are transferred to Waikato during labour or for specialist post-natal care.

Although it was a busy day in the hospital’s maternity services on Friday, a number of midwives were able to drop in before or after their shift to meet with the Home Birth Association representatives and talk about birth choices and the activities the association.

A total of 208 births took place in a Waikato home setting in 2014, accounting for 4 per cent of Waikato’s births, which is higher than the national average of 3.3 per cent.. Some are planned home births and others are unplanned as a result of quick labour.

Waikato Home Birth Association supports women in their choices about place of birth, loans a birth pool, sibling kit, and books and videos to parents in preparation, holds regular antenatal evenings for preparation for birth and parenthood and monthly coffee groups/support circles which provide a social network and ongoing support for home birth families.

The Home Birth Association is part of the Waikato’s maternity sector and links into the Maternity Quality and Safety programme. For more information about home births contact: waikato@homebirth.org.nz or visit www.facebook.com/waikatohomebirth

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