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Medical science award for anaesthetic research

Dr Logan Voss, Kudos Award winner 2015

Waikato DHB anaesthetist Dr Logan Voss is the winner of the Hamilton City Council Medical Science category of the Kudos Awards 2015. The awards, which celebrate Hamilton Science Excellence, were presented at a function in the Claudelands Event Centre on 14 October.

Dr Voss’ research aims to understand how general anaesthetics affect the brain to cause unconsciousness, and therefore to improve intra-operative anaesthesia monitoring and reduce the occurrence of anaesthetic awareness.

“My research has focused on investigating how anaesthetics affect the spread of electrical activity across the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain where we believe consciousness is generated. We’ve found that anaesthetics with quite different molecular-level mechanisms share a common effect of disconnecting one cortical area from another. We believe this is giving us an important clue as to how consciousness is disrupted by anaesthetics, that by interrupting the brain’s communication pathways, anaesthetics render the cortex incapable of forming the integrated “picture” necessary for consciousness to occur.”

View Kudos video of Dr Voss talking about his research.

Medical Science category finalists with sponsor representative

The three Medical Science category finalists with category sponsor Hamilton City Council representative Gordon Chesterman, deputy mayor, at The Kudos Science Awards, Claudelands Events Centre, Hamilton, Wednesday 14 October 2015. Photo: Stephen Barker/Barker Photography.
©Barker Photography/The Kudos Awards


The three finalists in the Medical Science category were Dr Logan Voss, Dr Chunchuan Lao and Dr Ryan Paul. See previous story on our Newsroom website here.

The other Kudos Award category winners for 2015 are:

The prestigious University of Waikato Lifetime Achievement Award Winner is Dr. Max Gibbs of NIWA

Sarah Hay, St Peter’s School
Wintec Secondary Science Teacher/Educator/Communicator Award winner

Aaron Wall, University of Waikato
Hill Laboratories Laboratory Technician Award winner

John Innes, Landcare Research
Waikato Regional Council Award winner

Natasha Maguire & Leon Spurrell, Farm Medix
Innovator/Entrepreneur Award winner

Jiafa Luo, Agresearch
Gallagher Agricultural Science Award winner

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