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First virtual ward round at Thames Hospital

Inpatient telehealth first ward round at Thames

Photo: Thames Hospital patient Donald Campbell talks with Waikato Hospital’s Dr Ahmad (Shah) Samad (on screen) via telehealth link, while Thames staff members nurse Jo Ghezzi and Dr Eileen McManus assist with the “virtual ward round”.

Thames Hospital undertook its first “virtual ward round” on Thursday 3 September, when specialist Dr Ahmad (Shah) Samad was able to participate in the ward round via telehealth link from Waikato Hospital while his rehabilitation patients were in Thames Hospital. The ward round went well, with patients happy to participate.

The virtual ward round is a start towards improving accessibility to specialist consultants who are based in Waikato Hospital for the care of patients who are in Thames Hospital , and it will augment the growing success of telehealth in outpatient clinics at Thames.


“Better health outcomes through virtual healthcare.”
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