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The Hits and Countdown make magic happen

Patients in Waikato Hospital’s Waikids wards were overwhelmed by the generosity from two local celebrities as they handed out trolleys full of gifts promoting the Countdown Kids’ Hospital Appeal.

Stacey Morrison and Paul Flynn from The HITS radio spent time interacting with children in the hospital’s newly refurbished Waikids playroom before making a visit to our paediatric surgical ward.

“Although they’re battling health wise, we were greeted with brave smiles and many kids and families saying ‘We’re so lucky!’ Their attitudes were very inspiring and made our day, we were so happy to bring them the presents Countdown kindly donated, along with the Disney Dominos which light up kids’ eyes in an instant,” said Stace and Flynny.

The mountain of presents which were left over from the visit will not go to waste, said play specialist Meenu Wadhwa.

“The generousity from The HITS and Countdown was completely overwhelming. We often need little presents to use as rewards after children have gone through a procedure or bigger presents to celebrate milestones in their care or even life, like a birthday,” she said.

“We really want to thank The HITS for their time and generosity today but also to say to everyone in the community – your donations really make such a difference to what we do here.”

The hospital has put out a call to help purchase a resuscitaire, which is used to resuscitate and transport newborn and premature babies, a BrainZ monitor which is vital in assessing brain function in newborns and a retinal camera to assess babies’ eyes development.

Countdown Waikato group manager Karl Wareham said the appeal was off to a great start with more than half-a-million dollars raised nationwide in the first fortnight.

“We are selling a mountain of raffle tickets across all 18 stores in the Waikato, with more than 750 tickets sold in just one store,” he said.

“Other drives such as Cambridge store’s colourful hat competition raised $1000 from just in-store donations.”

Wareham said he was incredibly impressed to see the amount of work that the Countdown teams were putting into this year’s appeal.

“The hospital has given us a massive challenge to meet but we know that our communities and Countdown are up for it.”

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