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Hospital patients rate their experience in quarterly survey

Waikato Hospital

Four hundred people who were inpatients at Waikato DHB between 4-17 May  were invited to complete the survey and rate their experience of communication, partnership, coordination of their care, and having their physical and emotional needs met. The survey is part of a national quarterly survey coordinated by the Health Quality and Safety Commission (HQSC).

The next survey in the series is happening across all DHBs soon, and will include a random selection of 400 people who spent at least one night in a Waikato DHB hospital from 3 to 16 August.

These 400 people will get an invitation to participate in the survey – and Waikato DHB strongly encourages them to take up the chance to give feedback.

The Waikato response rate to the last survey has risen to 34 per cent of those invited to do the survey (from 24 per cent in the previous quarter). The national response rate was 24 per cent.

“We’re really pleased to see that more people are completing the survey,” said Mo Neville, director of quality and patient safety at Waikato DHB.

“The responses provide us with invaluable information about where we’re not getting things right for some people, and how we can improve.

“Thank you to everyone who has helped us by taking part.”

“Waikato DHB’s results for this survey highlight areas for improvement, and this is the whole purpose of the survey – to improve on things we’re not getting right, and do more of what we’re doing well,” she said.

“This time the results showed a drop off in our ratings on communication with patients, and that is something we will monitor closely, as it is a really important aspect of our patients’ care and experience of their hospital stay.”

However in terms of meeting patients physical and emotional needs, 91 per cent of respondents said that overall, they were always treated with respect and dignity while they were in hospital. This has been a consistently high score for Waikato DHB over each of the four quarters.

Responses are collated to give each DHB a rating out of 10 in four areas: coordination, partnership, communications, and physical and emotional needs. 

Summary of the latest results, full results and commentary can be found on Waikato DHB’s website.

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