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Kids adventure books teach life skills

The Amazing Science Fair Project

By day Gary Nelson works as a change manager in the Change Team at Waikato District Health Board, but in his spare time (for several years now) he has also been writing popular books for children.

The Project Kids Adventure series of books teach practical life skills – general project management concepts like planning, breaking down tasks into manageable bits, and working with people – in a fun, full-length children’s novel format. These books are aimed at children ages 8-12 (or 30+!)

Author and Waikato DHB staff member Gary Nelson

Author and Waikato DHB staff member Gary Nelson

What led him to this? Gary says he has always enjoyed writing and teaching, and after publishing his first story-based project management book for adults, he was challenged to write similar project management books for middle-school aged children. With his two youngest boys right in that age bracket (9 and 10) when he started, Gary took on the challenge – only to have to heavily re-write the first few chapters many times based on feedback from his boys (the young editors). Things like “You can’t do that, Dad – you can’t start the adventure in the first chapter. You have to introduce the characters more first!”

This great bonding experience with his children also turned into well-received novels –by kids of all ages.

The Amazing Science Fair Project (The third book in the series) was recently released, and is being translated into Portuguese later this year.

Come along to his latest book launch at Hamilton Central Library, Wednesday 15 July, 11am to 12.30pm.

Find out more on the Project Kids Adventures website at www.projectkidsadventures.com

Book #4 (The Valentine’s Day Project Disaster) is due out in early 2016.

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