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Bay of Plenty makes it easier for mums in recovery

Bay of Plenty new Baby Nest

Bay of Plenty DHB new Baby Nest

Mothers recovering from surgery in Bay of Plenty DHB’s hospitals can now safely sleep side-by-side with their babies.

The Baby Nest is a new concept for the care of surgical postpartum mothers and their infants, which promotes safe sleeping, close contact and ease of baby care for the mother.

The small low sidecot allows for the baby to safely sleep with the mother while she is recovering from surgery and the effects of post-operative pain medications.

It is about promoting breastfeeding, bonding and maternal confidence while at the same time reducing the risk of falls, unsafe bedsharing, infant and maternal stress.

The Baby Nest is designed for short term use, until the mother is mobile and able to tend to her infant independently. It is not for home use.

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