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DHB puts its investigations on hold pending police investigation

Waikato DHB has been formally advised by the NZ Police that they are conducting a criminal investigation, after they received complaints from the family of Nicky Stevens, into the care of Nicky involving potential negligence by DHB staff.

CEO Dr Nigel Murray

CEO Dr Nigel Murray

Waikato DHB will fully co-operate with the police, said chief executive Dr Nigel Murray.

“As a result of the police investigation, we will put on hold both our internal investigations into Nicky’s care and our third party review on mental health security matters, pending the outcome of the NZ Police investigation.

“This is a temporary suspension of these processes while the police do their work,” said Dr Murray.

“Providing mental health care today does have risks. I am confident my staff are doing the best they can to mitigate those risks.”

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