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Inaugural patient safety awards at Waikato DHB

Chemotherapy patients at Thames Hospital and newborn babies at Waikato Hospital may appear to have very different care needs, but one common factor is their vulnerability to infection.

That is why hand hygiene is a vital part of the way the Chemotherapy Unit and the Newborn Intensive Care Unit go about their business.

Their success in maintaining high standards of hand hygiene has won both units inaugural Sustaining Excellence in Patient Safety awards at Waikato DHB.

The awards were presented today at the DHB’s Board of Clinical Governance meeting by chief medical advisor Dr Tom Watson and assistant group manager Quality and Patient Safety Mo Neville, who co-sponsor the awards.

“These awards acknowledge and appreciate the effort and commitment of staff and reinforces to staff that they can influence change and make a difference,” Mo Neville says.

The awards will be presented by the board on a quarterly basis.

About the winners…

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