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Safety first for farm bike users

The tragic death of a young worker on a farm road has led to his employers strengthening their health and safety policies around motor cycle use in a move strongly supported by Dr Felicity Dumble, Chair of the National Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee.

Although the employers were in no way responsible for the death, Dr Dumble explained “they responded to the tragedy by strengthening their health and safety policies and they have agreed to share them in the hope others may benefit.   They hope, as we do, that further deaths can be prevented.”

The policy is applicable on all farms where motor cycles or quad bikes are routinely used.  It is: –

  • All employees are required to wear a motorcycle helmet with a safety standard specification suitable for all speeds.
  • The safety standard approved motorcycle helmet must be worn by any employee riding a motorcycle or four wheeler.
  • The speed limit for staff using farm motorcycles is 30kph on farm tracks, races and private roads.
  • All users of a private road to be fully informed, by signs, of the speed limit of that road.
  • Any employees observed speeding or riding without helmets will be disciplined immediately.

“It is also recommended that farm bikes have the appropriate power. Powerful bikes should only be provided if the terrain warrants this,” says Dr Dumble.

Child and Youth Mortality Review Groups work within district health board regions to review deaths in the age ranges from 28 days to 24 years. Their focus is on identifying steps to reduce preventable deaths.

These suggestions around the use of the bikes are just the starting point.   Please search ‘Quad bike safety’ on the following websites for more information about the safe use of quad bikes:

  • www.business.govt.nz/worksafe
  • www.crt.co.nz


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