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Community water fluoridation value proven yet again

The National Fluoride Information Service has released it’s ninth issue of the On Tap newsletter.

The first article takes a closer look at the research on the cost-effectiveness of fluoride related prevention and intervention programmes, especially those that have
been used in New Zealand.

In addition, we discuss the experience of some district health boards that have trialled individually targeted fluoride interventions.

All nine studies included in this advisory reported that community water fluoridation is cost-effective in populations over 1000.

In addition, studies also indicated that the cost effectiveness of community water fluoridation increases in areas with populations at higher risk of tooth decay, such as minority ethnic groups, low income groups and young people (aged one to 20 years) (NFIS 2013).

As well as providing evidence that community water fluoridation programmes are cost effective, the advisory also included a study by Marino et al. (2012) who compared the cost effectiveness of various dental public health prevention and interventions programmes.

These included fluoridated milk, fluoridated mouth rinses, fluoride gels, dental sealants and supervised tooth brushing programmes. It found that community water fluoridation was the second most cost-effective after fluoridated salt (not currently in use in NZ) (Marino et al., 2012).

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