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Caution needed as lake algae re-emerges

Visitors to Hamilton’s Lake Rotoroa are being urged to keep pets and children away from the lake’s water after the re-emergence of algae with the potential to be toxic.

Sally Sheedy, Hamilton City Council’s Parks and Open Spaces Manager, says NIWA has confirmed a positive test for an algae which can potentially form harmful toxins.

“The sample NIWA has collected exceeds safe measurements, so further testing will be done. In the meantime, members of the public are advised to keep out of the water, and parents should not allow their children near the lake’s edge,” Miss Sheedy says.

“Dog owners should also keep their animals away from the water, and fish from the lake should not be eaten.”

Dog owners whose animals are exposed to the water should seek the advice of a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Concentrations of the algae are building up in at various locations around the lake edge, however it is difficult to predict with any certainty where the algae build-ups will occur.

Contact with visible scums and areas of discoloured and turbid water should be avoided. If any exposure occurs wet clothes should be removed and the affected area should be hosed down.

Miss Sheedy says sample testing will be increased to continue to monitor the situation.



NAME: Sally Sheedy
DESIGNATION: Parks and Open Spaces Manager
TEL (DIRECT): 07 838 9024
EMAIL: sally.sheedy@hcc.govt.nz

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DESIGNATION: Communication Advisor
TEL (DIRECT): 07 838 6509
MOBILE: 021 818 564
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