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Chair Bob Simcock

Chair Bob Simcock

Welcome to 2014.  Best wishes to everyone for a great year and thank you to all those who worked hard through the holiday season to keep our services running.

As you are all aware our Chief Executive Craig Climo will be leaving us this year.

Under Craig’s leadership our organisation has made great progress, and at the same time completed what has been New Zealand’s largest building programme.

We now need to find a leader who can help us all to build on what has been achieved.

The recruitment of a Chief Executive is the most important decision any Board (of Directors) gets to make and we will do everything we can to make sure we get it right.

When choosing a new Chief Executive we need to understand the things that we do very well. But we also need to identify the opportunities that exist to be even better than we are.

To assist with that I have asked the Ministry of Health to organise a team of experienced DHB leaders to carry out of review of our core services.  This will allow us to see where we stand through fresh eyes and clarify the task of the new Chief Executive.

I have asked for the review to be carried out as soon as possible but exact timing will depend on the availability of appropriate team members.  The review should not disrupt your work in any way but if you are engaged by the review team please give them your full cooperation and provide any information they need.

Once we have appointed a recruitment company to work with we expect the process of identifying our new Chief Executive to take at least three months.  The successful candidate will then need to organise their departure from their current employment so it is likely to be at least six months before they are in place here.  In the meantime it is business as usual.

Thank you all for the great work you continue to do.

Bob Simcock


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