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Bill’s teeth near perfect thanks to fluoride

Bill's teeth near perfect thanks to fluoride

Bill’s teeth near perfect thanks to fluoride

“All that fluoride and I’m still here, I’m healthy – and I have great teeth.”

The words of 70-year-old Hamilton man Bill Bolstad, who has consumed 70 years of fluoridated water – more than most New Zealanders – because he grew up in Colombia, Missouri, USA.

“Where I grew up, we got our water from deep wells and I as I understand it, it was the heat and pressure from the depth that caused the fluoride to be dissolved in the water.”

Mr Bolstad attributes a lifetime of fluoridated water as the reason he has near perfect teeth – with only “a couple” of fillings which he says he got when, as a teenager he wore braces, which meant he couldn’t brush his teeth as well.

“And I haven’t had any cavities since. I have had some maintenance on the original ones, but that’s it.”

And what’s more, Mr Bolstad says his sisters also have great teeth and that he himself is in perfect general health as well.

“The diseases that anti-fluoridationists claim are caused by water fluoridation – bone disease, for example – these are age-related diseases. We are going to see an increase in these kinds of diseases due to the changing demographic anyway. You can’t blame fluoride.”

Mr Bolstad, a retired senior lecturer of Statistics at the University of Waikato having lived in Hamilton for 40 years, said it was a mistake for Hamilton City Council to have taken fluoride out of the water in the first place.

“I don’t know what they were thinking. The council’s decision [to remove fluoride from Hamilton’s water] made a mockery of science, they made a mockery of the medical profession and they made a mockery of democracy.

“We voted here in 2006 to keep our water supply fluoridated. The result was a resounding 70 per cent in favour of that.

“I know which way my vote is going. I just hope it’s listened to this time.”

For more information about water fluoridation visit www.waikatodhb.health.nz/fluoride


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