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Waikato residents have their say on fluoride

Health professionals have applauded Waikato District Council’s decision to give nearly 2500 of their residents a chance to have their say on the continuation of water fluoridation in Hamilton.

The district council is this week posting surveys to ratepayers in the south and west of the district, who receive water from the Hamilton city supply, to ensure the Hamilton City Council also considers their views on fluoride in the water.

The properties are in Tamahere, Matangi, Puketaha, Gordonton and Te Kowhai.

Waikato DHB medical officer of health Dr Felicity Dumble said she was glad that those living outside Hamilton City affected by the removal of fluoride from the water, are being asked their opinion.

“Good on Waikato District Council. It’s important that everybody has their say in the upcoming referendum and we get Hamilton’s water supply fluoridated again, as it has been for the last 47 years.”

The district council survey will use the same wording as Hamilton’s referendum.

Results will be shared with Hamilton City Council by the October 12 election day.

Dr Dumble hopes Hamilton City Council will take heed of the referendum results, which she is confident will overwhelmingly favour community water fluoridation as a cost effective, safe, fair and natural way to protect the community’s teeth.

Hamilton City Council held a community water fluoridation referendum in 2006 with 70 per cent voting for the continuation of water fluoridation.

The council removed fluoride from the water in June this year after a tribunal was held against Waikato DHB advice.

For more information on water fluoridation, visit www.waikatodhb.health.nz/fluoride


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