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Two Waikato DHB health professionals win awards for clinical education

Dr Amanda Oakley

Dr Amanda Oakley, Dermatologist and Associate Professor

University of Auckland’s Faculty of Medical and Health Science has announced its 2017 teaching awards, including Dennis Pickup Education Awards for Clinical Education to Waikato DHB’s Dr Amanda Oakley and gerontology nurse practitioner Julie Daltrey. Both of them hold clinical education roles with the university.

Dr Amanda Oakley is the senior dermatologist at Waikato Hospital and is also an associate professor with the university’s School of Medicine. Her current teaching includes 4th year medical students at Waikato Clinical Campus, 5th year selectives and electives, as well as supervision of a BMedSc(Hons) student. She was also a winner of TechSoup’s Lifetime Services Award early this year, and is the founder and editor in chief of DermNet New Zealand, a website dedicated to information all about skin conditions and their treatment.

Julie Daltrey Nurse Practitioner with Waikato District Health Board

Julie Daltrey, Nurse Practitioner and Honorary Professional Teaching Fellow

Julie Daltrey is a gerontology nurse practitioner who works across the Waikato community supporting the delivery of care to older people, and is also an honorary professional teaching fellow with the university’s School of Nursing. Her supporting citation describes her as a shining light for nurse practitioner students and describes her excellent mentorship of the next generation of New Zealand nurse practitioners. She has been in the teaching fellow role since 2015 supporting the development of Nurse Practitioner Training Programme (NPTP). Read about her attainment of nurse practitioner status in 2015.

The award presentation will be on 26 July at the Grafton Atrium, University of Auckland.

Full list of University of Auckland FMHS teaching award recipients.

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