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New Maternity Day Assessment service opens

Waikato DHB Chief Executive Dr Nigel Murray cut the ribbon on a new Women’s Health service that opened at Waikato Hospital this week (Monday 3 April). The Maternity Day Assessment Unit will cater for high-risk women who require increased surveillance during their pregnancy.

“The new maternity service is another step on the journey to transform the Women’s Health service at Waikato Hospital into one of the best in the country, and improve our maternity, obstetric and gynaecological services to women in the Waikato,” said Dr Murray

“This new unit will provide a better experience for women we care for.”

“It will also allow for midwives to work at the top of their scope, providing them the opportunity for leadership in their area of expertise.”

Charge Midwife Manager Jo Clarke, who helped set up the service, says that this kind of development is making our midwives feel excited about coming to work.

Waikato DHB Women’s Health Commissioner, Tanya Maloney adds:

“Research published recently on midwives who were self-employed compared to those who were employed indicated that employed midwives reported lower levels of autonomy, empowerment and professional recognition.

“To have a midwife led clinic is empowering for our midwives and allows the opportunity for them to be recognised for their full skill set and expertise.  It is hoped that this will also result in midwives being more fulfilled in their work and attract midwives to come to work in Waikato Hospital.”


The morning clinic is designed for women who are not requiring admission, but need more care and monitoring than a lead maternity carer or GP can provide in the primary setting.

The women who will use this new service are currently attending the DHB’s acute service (Women’s Assessment Unit (WAU)).

Jo Clarke says: “Because their needs are high risk but not so acute, this has meant that this group of women have very uncertain waiting times.

“We anticipate that by removing non-acute women from WAU we will reduce waiting times and provide a more efficient service for both groups of women. Staff will be able to provide improved care for each group.”

The Maternity Day Assessment Unit is located on level B3 of the Elizabeth Rothwell building and will function as part of the Women’s Health Clinics.

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