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SmartHealth – Gift of time following gift of life

Frankie and her seven year old daughter Lexi

When you’re sick, things can get pretty complicated, but Waikato DHB’s SmartHealth is alleviating some of life’s pressures for Frankie Egglestone, a 29 year old single mother from Tauranga currently recovering from a kidney transplant.

Frankie was the recipient of Good Sort’s Lianne Bateman’s kidney, who was a regular at the café Frankie worked at and one day delivered a life-changing sentence to Frankie that changed her life.

Now post-transplant Frankie is keeping well with a new lease on life and more time to enjoy it with her daughter Lexi (7) thanks to 10 minute consultations with Waikato DHB renal specialists once a week from the comfort of her home.

“It’s really good to be in my home for some consultations” Frankie says.

“It was a mission getting over to Hamilton each week, and the in-between trips to Tauranga hospital can take a lot of time also.

”Lexi’s whole life has been uncertain and a more stable routine with SmartHealth home consultations, means a lot for us.”

The travel to hospital also creates financial pressure. Frankie can’t drive herself, so her father George would take a day off work each week to drive her to Hamilton. And while her out of town travel is reimbursed, she needs to find $60-$70 per week to pay up-front.

Everything started to change when Frankie’s Waikato DHB renal specialist Kannaiyan Rabindranath, suggested she sign up to SmartHealth and use the HealthTap app to connect with him from home. With her blood pressure and weight taken beforehand, Frankie’s first virtual consult took about 10 minutes – a lot faster than the time it takes her to get to and from Waikato Hospital for the same appointment.

Frankie stated: “After spending so much time in hospital with the transplant, it’s great not to have to spend any more time there than I need to, bringing back all those memories.”

Eventually Frankie hopes to use SmartHealth virtual consults for the majority of her appointments where a physical examination isn’t needed. She won’t have to travel as much, creating more time and less financial pressure for her whole family. They can get back to living their lives, with the peace of mind that Frankie’s health is well cared for.

More about SmartHealth

SmartHealth offers a free online platform and mobile app that allows people to access a range of health services via smart phone, tablet device or computer including:

  • Free after hours online access to doctors by video, voice or text chat (6pm – 11pm Monday to Friday, and 8am – 8pm on weekends and public holidays)
  • The ability to ask a healthcare professional a question 24/7
  • Online appointments with hospital specialists without leaving your home, if appropriate for your condition
  • Helpful checklists and reminders
  • Good quality, doctor-approved health information on topics, conditions, treatments and research.

Join SmartHealth for free at www.smarthealth.co.nz

For more stories visit SmartHealth in Action.

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