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One click GP access to hospital records


GPs and practice nurses will now have one click access to a patient’s hospital records thanks to a new initiative by Waikato District Health Board.

The new system is a direct link from the GP’s Medtech computer system to access their patient’s hospital information including blood test results, letters, x-rays, hospital discharge summaries and future appointments.

Waikato DHB’s clinical director of primary and integrated care, and Hamilton GP, Dr Damian Tomic said: “Having easy access to hospital records is essential to address patient safety issues. It lets doctors and nurses make more informed decisions and avoids things like duplicating tests.”

He said while GPs have had access to hospital records for the last few months, it was a cumbersome, time consuming system, but with the new initiative the information was just one click away.

Phase two of the project is to get hospital access to GP records. Dr Tomic said: “We are talking to PHOs to make this happen. It will mean that when a patient is in hospital the doctors and nurses can access the patient’s GP records, to help improve patient safety.”

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