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Waikato DHB’s policy for visitors to our hospitals who haven’t been immunised against influenza to wear masks

To get immunised against influenza or wear masks at the Waikato DHB has been the subject of debate in the Waikato Times of recent.

To read the full range of opinions see the stories below.

Opinion: Nurses fail to understand value of the flu jab

Have you had the jab? I have and I don’t work in a hospital.

I’m talking about the flu injection which I get each year because I want to protect myself against the viral infection and protect others in my family.

If I get influenza, I’m likely to spread it to people who are susceptible near me. And of course the same applies to people in the wider community. They don’t want me spreading my lugubrious bugs.

It seems like a basic, straightforward act of social responsibility. Protect yourself and thereby protect others. Simple.
But not according to the Waikato Nurses Union who have complained loudly about feeling “coerced” by the Waikato District Health Board’s directive that all health workers either get the jab or wear a mask. Read the full article.

Opinion: Waikato DHB ‘out of step’ with national vaccination programme

Opinion: Monday’s emotive opinion piece “Nurses fail to understand value of the flu jab” is ill-informed and full of assertions which have little relevance to the vaccination policy implemented by Waikato District Health Board (WDHB) or any evidential relevance.

Dornauf’s attack is aimed at the Waikato Nurses Union.

We suspect he means the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO), a national organisation that is both a union and a professional association comprising over 47000 members. Read the full article.

Nurse coercion required

OPINION: Has anyone noticed recently how the critique of someone or something is deflected simply by calling it “abuse”? You don’t need an argument or a logical riposte; just call it abuse and walk away feeling vindicated. It’s the old trick of “I’m so offended” or “How dare you criticize me” kind of rejoinder that is doing the rounds these days.

It’s become a substitute for reasoned argument, the lazy man’s response. Oops, can’t say “lazy” any more – that would be abusive. Certainly cannot call someone “narcissistic”. Maybe we need to ban all critical terms and put them on the Index. Let’s start with “ill-informed”, shall we? Read the full article.

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