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A massive effort from local campaigners has seen Thames residents get behind water fluoridation.

Thames-Coromandel District Council today announced the result of the binding referendum on whether Thames water supply should continue to be fluoridated, which was passed by an overwhelming majority.

Of the 2946 votes 2151 (73 per cent) were to continue fluoridation of the town water supply.

Waikato District Health Board deputy chair and Thames resident Sally Christie said it was a fantastic decision for the health of every Thames resident.

“I want to acknowledge the locals who worked hard to put a reasoned and scientific campaign together to inform our community about the importance of fluoride,” she said.

“I also want to thank the residents of Thames who have given a resounding message to council about what they want in their community. Now that is that, so lets get on with making this place even better than it has ever been.”

Waikato District Health Board medical officer of health Dr Felicity Dumble was ecstatic with the result.

“I am so delighted the community have been heard, this campaign has been all about them and to know they have been listened to makes it an even better result,” she said.

“Water fluoridation is one part of keeping our teeth healthy; combined with regular tooth brushing, oral health checks and a sensible diet this result will only improve Thames residents’ overall health.”

The Ministry of Health and the Waikato District Health Board strongly support water fluoridation as a safe, effective and affordable way to prevent and reduce tooth decay across the whole population.

The only symptom of water fluoridation is improved oral health.

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