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Taumarunui joins together to stop rheumatic fever

A group of agencies in Taumarunui have designed a sore throat management pathway to link  local services involved in the prevention of rheumatic fever in the Taumarunui community.NewsroomGraphic

The Taumarunui Integrated Health Services Group (TIHSG) supports the Taumarunui integrated health care model which uses a collaborative approach to deliver coordinated health and social services in their community.

The pathway is a step-by-step process connecting services to ensure  children  who have a positive Group A streptococcus sore throat swab are treated and followed up; a key focus of the

Waikato District Health Board’s rheumatic fever prevention plan.

Group A streptococcus sore throat, if left untreated, leads to rheumatic fever in about 3 per cent of patients and causes irreversible heart damage.

Waikato District Health Board  director of community services Jill Dibble said agreed approaches to caring for people and knowledge of services available to the Taumarunui community meant that people can access services easily when and where they need them.

This logo is in the window of every place sore throat swabs are available.

This logo is in the window of every place sore throat swabs are available.

WAIKIDS rural and community nurse coordinator Tracy Jackson said the group identified sore throat management as a key focus to improve health outcomes for children and young people in the local community.

“With services working together, the pathway provides a consistent approach to sore throat management which enables the community to receive clear messages about the prevention and treatment of sore throats and hopefully improve health outcomes.”

The sore throat pathway is one of a number of  integrated care pathways that  have been developed by the group over the past 2 years.

In the Waikato the disease disproportionately affects Maori and Pacific children and is associated with access to primary care, social deprivation and crowded living conditions.

If your child has a sore throat take them to see any general practice or Pathlab in the Waikato, selected pharmacies, after-hours-clinic or school nurse to get a free sore throat swab.

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