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Visitors impressed by Waikato Hospital

Waikato Hospital has hosted groups of staff from three different DHBs in the last fortnight, each looking to learn from some of the improvements that have been made at the hospital so that they can replicate them in their own hospitals.

The Duty Office team from Hawkes Bay visited to learn about the Integrated Operations Centre and how to enhance patient flow across hospital wards, said Waikato and Thames hospitals’ nurse director Suzanne Lawes.

A nursing team from Nelson Marlborough also visited to look at the use of the Lippincott nursing procedures  introduced here by the nursing directorate, the Integrated Operations Centre, as well as how the senior nursing roles are now working in the Ophthalmology clinics with the increasing importance of pharmaceutical therapies such as Avastin. (Avastin is injected into the eye for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration.)

Finally a team from Canterbury DHB visited to find out how Waikato has managed to improve its performance in hand hygiene so dramatically over the past year.

They met with a range of charge nurse managers and were hugely impressed by what they saw.

Irena de Rooy, Canterbury’s Corporate Quality and Patient Safety Manager said: “we felt very inspired to hear, see and feel the passion of your hand hygiene journey to increased compliance.”

The ownership of the issue by front line staff was a stand-out impression for them.

“Thank you to everyone involved for your commitment to improving the way that patients are looked after in our hospital, and how it works as a whole across all the specialties. Your hard work is being recognised beyond Waikato, so well done,” said Ms Lawes.


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